5 myths about chemtrails trails exposed

Some people strongly support the belief that governments are spraying something into the air which creates contrails that are quite unusual. They are known as “chemtrails”. Currently, there is no strong evidence that they are real though there are a number of myths on the internet about “chemtrails” and a number of websites dedicated to chemtrails supporting this conspiracy. Due to the persistence of the conspiracy and doubts about the governments involvement, government agencies and scientists around the world have constantly clarified that chemtrails are actually normal contrails. This theory is undoubtedly one of the most famous conspiracy theories ever with a large number of supporters worldwide. Here are a five myths that revolve around this theory which are not true at al:

1. Chemtrails are streams of poisonous “mind-control” chemicals to control the general population.

One of the most extreme conspiracy theories that revolves around this is that chemtrails are streams of poisonous “mind-control” chemicals to control the general population. Some others also believe that the conspiracy is a top-secret global plan to change Earth’s climatic conditions in order to reverse the effects of climate change.


2. Normally contrails don’t last long, but “chemtrails” last for hours

This is not true at all. The duration for which contrails last depends on the weather conditions. There is no surprise if they last for several hours. The trail can be affected by the winds or it can spread outwards forming a layer of cirrus cloud.

Cloud trails below Boeing777

3. A bill to completely bar chemtrails was introduced into congress by Dennis Kucinich which was quickly edited out.

There is no truth to this notion as HR 2977 was composed by a group of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ enthusiasts’ intent on revealing a conspiracy for suppressing alien technology. Dennis Kucinich did not even know what chemtrails were and did not write the bill as well.

4. In the past, contrails have been observed that last very long and appear in unusual formations like “grid”, “parallel lines”, and “X” formations. So they might be “chemtrails.

It is true that contrails make different kinds of patterns in the sky since there are a lot of airplanes flying overhead in all directions. This mostly depends on where you live, and the normal winds like if your location is Willamette Valley, Oregon, the overflying airplanes are mostly all North/South, hence parallel lines will appear. If you are located in a more central place such as North Texas, you’ll find airplanes flying overhead in all directions, hence you will see “X” patterns.

5. Videos and photos utilized by chemtrail believers to prove their point.

Videos and Photos illustrate spray planes. It is also believed that contrails and ‘chemtrails’ are very different because contrails do not act like chemtrails.
But in reality, all planes depicted in different photos and videos have been recognised. Most of these have controversy-free uses while others are verifiable counterfeits. Theorists claim that the behaviour of contrails and chemtrails varies. Contrails sometimes spread and persist; it does depend on the climate conditions at 30,000 feet (which are very different from ground climate).

So, these are the myths that revolve around the chemtrails conspiracy which are actually not true. Do let us know whether you believe it or not by answering the poll below.