The giant dirigible, Airlander 10, was spotted flying around the UK skies for nearly 3 hours on Wednesday. This was the first time the craft has been seen since it’s crash almost 9 months ago. This is only the 4th flight by this huge craft.  The craft has been fitted with a new landing system which seems to have worked well as Airlander landed safely after its 3 hour cruise. The flight was to check the take off and landings as well as collect data on how well the craft performs with its upgrades.

At this point in time, Airlander 10 is not allowed to fly further than 15 miles from its Bedfordshire hanger, nor is it allowed to ascend to higher than 4000ft.  As the craft continues its flight test program, it will be allowed to fly further and higher and perhaps stay airborne for longer. The strange looking craft can technically remain airborne for days at a time.


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