If you think your job is one of the most stressful out there, now you can find out for sure.

CareerCast has released their list of the year’s most stressful jobs, and the gigs range from the expected (police officer) to the slightly left-field (broadcaster).

CareerCast, which is a job search engine, shared that they compiled these particular jobs on a number of factors:

Career growth potential
Physical demands
Environmental conditions
Hazards encountered
Meeting the public
Risk of death or grievous injury
Immediate risk of another’s life
Working in the public eye
Two of the careers—broadcaster and newspaper reporter—also showed up on CareerCast’s list of the most endangered jobs.

“These information gathering entities work entirely in the public eye, and must hit hard deadlines routinely,” according to the site. “Travel, demanding editors, and the fear of being laid off also contributes to their stressful rankings.”

Airline pilots also made the list, which is one of the more sensible additions considering these people are regularly responsible for the safe transport of hundreds of strangers to places around the world.

Check out the full list below to see if your job made the cut.

No. 1: Enlisted Military Personnel

  • Median Income: $27,936
  • Growth Outlook: n/a
  • Stress Score: 72.74

No. 2: Firefighter

  • Median Income: $46,870
  • Growth Outlook:5%
  • Stress Score: 72.68

No. 3: Airline Pilot

  • Median Income: $102,520
  • Growth Outlook: 5%
  • Stress Score: 60.54

No. 4: Police Officer

  • Median Income: $60,270
  • Growth Outlook: 4%
  • Stress Score: 51.68

No. 5: Event Coordinator

  • Median Income: $46,840
  • Growth Outlook: 10%
  • Stress Score: 51.15

No. 6: Newspaper Reporter

  • Median Income: $36,360
  • Growth Outlook: -8%
  • Stress Score: 49.90

No. 7: Corporate Executive

  • Median Income: $102,690
  • Growth Outlook: 6%
  • Stress Score: 48.56

No. 8: Public Relations Executive

  • Median Income: $104,140
  • Growth Outlook: 7%
  • Stress Score: 48.50

No. 9: Taxi Driver

  • Median Income: $23,510
  • Growth Outlook: 13%
  • Stress Score: 48.18

No.10: Broadcaster

  • Median Income: $37,720
  • Growth Outlook: -9%
  • Stress Score: 47.93