In this day of daily air travel, the skies are filled with planes, controlled by airspace controllers.  If you now have to factor in the advent of drones, flown by novices, anywhere and everywhere, things can get complicated, not to mention dangerous!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has come up with the excellent idea of an online course for drone operators. The course begins in early February and runs for around 2 weeks and teaches basic air safety based on NAS standards in the US. The course is open to students globally due to the online format.

With drone use increasing and the potential for technological advances in these small craft and possibilities of other remote use aircraft in the future, this course could possibly assist in creating a standard worldwide for safe use.

With the potential of causing a minor hindrance to a major incident if a drone were to damage a plane engine for example, this type of training may even need to be made mandatory for all remote aircraft users in the future.