Fact or Fiction?

Though flying is one of the best means of transport, there are a number of myths that revolve around it. People generally have a number of wrong notions about flying most of which are funny. So, it is the right time for your Captain Anarchy to get them busted. Here we go:

Passenger: Hey I am flying in Emirates.Does that mean i am flying on an Emirates aircraft?
Capt . anarchy: Not necessarily
You might visit an airline website, purchase a ticket and end up being in on aircraft from a codeshare airline. If you look closely at your ticket you should be able to work out who you are flying with .
Another thing to look out for while we are talking about tickets  is direct may not be non -stop.


Passenger: Do you get a smoother ride at the front of the cabin?
Capt. Anarchy: No
For all those who want a smooth seat with least bumps, they should try to sit in the middle since the airplane can be considered as a seesaw. So those who do not enjoy any movement during their journey should prefer to sit in the middle. There is however front to back air flow in most aircraft. So if you want to have the freshest air, prefer sitting in the front.
Note : Watch out for crop dusting .It’s the art of walking down the cabin whilst farting ,a crew favorite . Trust me, it happens. From safety standards, all seats are the same from front to end.

Passenger: Does turbulence scare you?
Capt. Anarchy: Not at all. We do our best to avoid it primarily for comfort reasons. Most companies now require both passengers and crew be seated anytime the seat belt sign is on. Therefore all service must cease.

Last but not the least, here are some funny lingos that airline people mostly use.

Blue juice: It is means the water in the toilet lavatory.
Crotch watch: The compulsory check to assure that all travelers have their seat belts properly fastened. This one is indeed the funniest of all!
BOB : BEST ON BOARD (Best looking male passenger on board)