Pilot Training Explained

A question that is often asked is “how much training do you do?”
The simple answer is… A LOT!!
The system that a lot of airlines operate under can be broken down into 2 parts – Check and Training.
From your first day to being cleared to fly without a Training Captain can be up to 6 months.
One might say the progressive airlines have BIG T little c… Meaning a lot of resources go into training the pilot rather than just having a big stick to threaten their careers every year.
Let’s break down a typical in a major legacy carrier.
From your first day to being cleared to fly without a Training Captain can be up to 6 months.Initial endorsement followed by line training culminates in a check to line.
But it doesn’t stop there .
A typical year consists of:
4 x two day 4 hour simulation sessions with a 1 hour debrief each day.
The first day being mostly dedicated to training TRI (instructor) and day 2 is a check ride with a TRE (examiner)
One of these session each year is your annual instrument rating renewal. This is the big one.
Annual line check. This check is carried out by a TRE on a normal line flight. Again, gone are the days of the examiner askingĀ  any number questions as you sit at the holding point. As it normally happensĀ  a normal flight supplies enough fodder for the examiner to test your knowledge.
Online courses: it seems every week there is a new course to complete.
The old dangerous goods course is still around and gets the award for the oldest. But it has lots of company these days. A great number have a test at the completion
Here are just a few examples
– Drug and Alcohol Management
– Fatigue Risk Management
– Jeppeson Training Exam
– First Response & General Evacuation Instructions

I added up how many I have down in the last 2 years …….30!!!

Then there is the medical .How healthy is your pilot ?
That deserves a whole blog on its own.