Top 5 planes all aviation fans should experience at-least once in their lifetime

At all times, skies constantly buzz with activity – measured air traffic by Revenue Passenger Kilo meters has increased by 85% in past fifteen years and it is predicted to grow by 145% till 2034, according to Global Market Forecast, Airbus 2015.
Today’s air passengers have a huge option of connections, frequencies, and categories of service offered to them — however choice is narrowed in a certain area.
Growing consolidation in the aviation manufacturing industry, motivated by the huge economies of scale and massive capital requirements, means we have constantly narrowing options of airliner varieties.
While the most modern aircraft models are admirable, people looking for eccentric flying experiences must try a little harder.

Here, in part one of our selection of iconic aircraft today’s aviation enthusiast may still be able to fly in, are 20 of our favorite planes from the last 50 years

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter

De havilland canada dhc 6 twin otter 03

First flight: 1965

Frequently utilized as a commuter airliner offering service to little areas, as a solid, small aircraft the Twin Otter is nevertheless competent of most implausible landings.
For instance, it offers services to the landing strip of Saba Caribbean Island, which is commercially the shortest in the world – also close by Saint Barts, where landing requires pilots to undergo specific training.
Onboard a DHC-6 landing in these airports will be an experience to remember for any flying enthusiast.

Boeing 737


First flight: 1967

The 737 is surely familiar to the frequent flyer of today. This is the most commercially successful aircraft till date.
Since 1967, about 9,000 variations of these have been manufactured, making it omnipresent around the globe meaning that most likely you will get an opportunity to sit in a Boeing 737 soon.
Approaching their 50th anniversary, Boeing 737s are constantly going strong: its modernized MAX version took off for the first time in 2016 January and has already been booked in thousands.

Boeing 747


First flight: 1969

Only some airplanes have attained the iconic position of the Boeing 747, normally recognized as the Jumbo Jet.
It has an easily identifiable form amid two forward section decks facilitated in its huge fame but this Jet is remarkable for further basis also.
Its reliability, reach and capacity gave it the title of “queen of the skies” and this airliner has retained the title for more than 4 decades now.
In spite of the fact that the latest version of this plane, the Boeing 747-8, did not attain huge success commercially and various airlines have initiated withdrawal of the previous versions, still there are many Jumbo Jets in-service. And you will surely get an opportunity to get on-board a Boeing 747 as it will be staying around for a few more decades.
Some of the largest operators of this plane are Lufthansa and British Airways.

Ilyushin Il-76


First flight: 1971

This plane has been primarily used by the Soviet Air Force since its service entry in 1974 for military transport; Ilyushin Il-76 has capability of performing massive amount of additional roles, from passenger service to firefighting.
The Il-76 is a four-engine, solid, reliable aircraft, capable to function from short, unpaved airstrips or drop supplies or paratroopers in war regions. It is in production presently also; though a very small number of them provide civilian airliner services.
Instead of enrolling for the Russian army, you can take the easy route and fly this plane by going on an aviation tour of North Korea or contact Alrosa, a Russian aviation company that still flies this type of airplane. Booking zero gravity air trips on this plane is also possible at Moscow Star City.