The baggage journey: Where does the luggage go?

Are you a frequent flyer? Ever wonder about the baggage journey?

When you go through connecting flights, you check-in the luggage. Then it goes through a baggage journey of its own. The baggage journey is an interesting one. When you check-in a bag, a sequence of carts and belts transport it safely to the airplane waiting to take-off. When you travel in a large plane, a different process is followed by loading the bag initially into a trunk. This is done to quicken the entire loading process.


The luggage goes through safety screening to ensure a safe baggage journey in the flight. In the beginning of loading process, the bags are sent in a container or through belt holder to cargo holding area. The cargo hold has controlled pressure and temperature throughout the flight. When you reach your destination, a reverse of this process occurs. The container loader or belt loader carries your baggage to a trolley. From here, the luggage goes to the terminal where you can pick it up.

In case of a connecting flight, the luggage goes back via the central facility of bag processing. Then the luggage is loaded into a cart so that it can be put into the departing aircraft. But, certain bags will reach their destination only after expedition. So, there is another process of transferring bags via baggage cart or dedicated tug through a ramp to the aircraft that is about to leave. To modernize the entire process, large computers use computer tagging. The process of bag tracking is much more reliable now because of the introduction of new technology.

In future, there is planning to utilize ID tags to identify bags. Doing so will decrease the airport2quantity of bags that do not reach their assigned destination. If you look at the overall picture and consider the total number of bags. Also, the number of bags misplaced in the entire baggage journey is astonishingly small.