Best Pilot Kneeboards in 2019

Pilot Kneeboards have become a must-have accessory for pilots today. It allows you to keep tablets, phones, and documentation just where you need it, easily accessible and on hand when needed. Kneeboards come in various designs and suit different requirements. Here are the top kneeboard reviews for 2018 to suit most pilot’s needs.

Flyboys Pilot Kneeboard IFR/VFR – Black

The Flyboys Pilot Kneeboard is designed by an F-16 pilot and is one of the most versatile pilot kneeboards available today. There are 7 eyelets for securing your in-flight guide and checklists as well as a removable clipboard made from plastic for writing all your clearances. This narrow trifold aviation kneeboard has been tested extensively in military conditions and should be more than adequate for general aviation use.

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ASA iPad Mini 3 Kneeboard

The ASA iPad Mini 3 Kneeboard fits an iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 4 and is designed by pilots specifically for aviation conditions. The kneeboard is made from leather and has a wide hook with a loop leg strap which holds it in place in-flight. The front holding clip can hold a notepad or any other documentation you may need to view when flying. The kneeboard features soft microfibre inners to protect your iPad Mini. There are pockets for documents and important notes as well. The adjustable easel allows for use in-flight or out, tilting your iPad for ease of viewing. There is a loop to hold a stylus or pen and the power port / dock connector is easily accessible when the cover is closed.

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Flight Outfitters iPad Air Kneeboard

Designed around the iPad Air, this kneeboard features a sturdy bracket to mount the iPad and a bracket which rotates to change the screen to landscape or portrait view. The kneeboard features a padded backing, a pocket for your stylus or pen plus a structured pocket,  which creates a rigid platform when unzipped which can hold a cell phone or notepad, depending on your needs. There is a drawstring bag included for storing the kneepad plus a heavy-duty strap to secure the kneeboard onto your leg. The kneeboard is reversible, which means it can be used on either leg equally as efficiently.

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ASA VFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard

This kneeboard comes with an elastic Velcro strap designed to fit snugly on legs of all sizes comfortably. The panel on the left side can hold various documentation you may need while the center panel is designed to hold flight plans, weight and balance docs and the like under a clear plastic panel and also features a pen/pencil holder. The right panel is made for holding your aeronautical charts. There is VFR information printed on the kneeboard which may also be very useful to most pilots. The kneeboard is made from black nylon with a silver wings logo.

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My Big Kneeboard – The Simplest Tablet Kneeboard

This kneeboard is specifically designed around the tablet and smartphone use in-flight. The kneeboard works with Apple iPads, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 1, 3, 8, 10, I and II and potentially any other phone or tablet that fits the 3 to 12 inch dimensions with a thickness of just under an inch including case.

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Jeppesen IFR Three-Ring Trifold Kneeboard

This compact kneeboard has a Velcro adjustable strap to hold the kneeboard securely and comfortably on your leg. There is also a 2nd leg strap, allowing you to use the aluminum clipboard which is supplied with the kneeboard, separately.  The clipboard has IFR information silk-screened onto it and a clip to hold all your papers. There are 2 approach chart pockets plus 3 removable rings in the spine. There is also a pen/ stylus/ pencil/ penlight holder made from elastic on the kneeboard.  The backing of the board contains foam for added comfort. The kneeboards are designed to be strong and durable with added resistance to abrasion over long term use.

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Harper Aviation Ultimate Kneeboards

This compact kneeboard offers  7 storage rings for approach charts and can be supplied in loose or fixed ring styles. There is a clipboard for note paper or aeronautical charts, loops for pens/pencils/penlight plus a side pocket for a plotter or small E6B. There are transparent sheet protectors for your checklists and charts as well as a 5-page in-flight guide.  The in-flight guide contains Flight plan forms, VFR weather minimums, Holding pattern entry procedures, Air Route Traffic Control Center frequencies, conversion charts, Hemispheric cruising altitudes and various others.

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APR Professional MK-2AC Pilots Kneeboard

This durable anodized non-glare aluminum kneeboard provides comfort in the form of contoured foam padding on the bottom which also allows for use on either leg. The leg strap is elastic and closes using Velcro for easy fitment and release. The side and top have pen and pencil holders for ease of use. The heavy duty clips can hold your aeronautical charts, checklists, flight plan forms and any other required documentation. The kneeboard comes with IFR en-route logs as well as instructions and example sheets.

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