15 Mind Blowing Facts About Boeing 737 – How Many Did You Know ?

Boeing 737 is narrowbody twin-engine short to medium range aircraft produced by the Boeing corporation stationed in Seattle, USA. During almost 60 years of this aircraft’s history, many different variants of Boeing 737 have been built.

Boeing 737 version can be generally split into three generations:

  • Original Series (Boeing 737-100/200)
  • Classics (Boeing 737-300/400/500)
  • Next Generation – NG (737-600, 737-700/700ER, 737-800 and 737-900/900ER)
  • Re-engined and redesigned 737 MAX variants currently being built.

Fun facts about the Boeing 737

1. First ever built 737 was Boeing 737-100 with development starting back in 1964. The first aircraft was finished and it had its first flight on April 9, 1967, and entered into service in February 1968. The first airline who had Boeing 737 was Lufthansa.

2. Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner of all time. Since the beginning, Boeing Corporation received 14147 orders for all variants of 737. Total of 9716 aircrafts were delivered to customers and 4431 orders are unfulfilled and are about to be delivered.

3. Ten thousand 737s stacked on top of one another would be approximately 406,000 feet or 77 miles (124 kilometers) high

4. Typically, about 50 gallons (189 liters) of paint is used to paint an average 737. Once the paint is dry, it will weigh approximately 250 pounds (113 kilograms) per airplane, depending on the paint scheme.

5. The first classic Boeing (737-300) which was delivered to Europe was bought by Yugoslav Airlines (Now Air Serbia) in 1985. The aircraft registration was YU-ANV. The last Boeing 737-300 was delivered to Air New Zealand in 1999 with registration ZK-NGJ.

6. The 737 has flown more than 119.0 billion miles; equivalent to approximately 640 round trips from the earth to the sun.

7. The 737 family has carried more than 16.8 billion passengers; that is equivalent to every single man, woman, and child flying at least twice.

8. On the average, about 1,000 737s are in the air at any one time.

9. There are approximately 40.5 miles of wire in a 737-300.

10. The tires of a Boeing 737-300 are exposed to the air since the aircraft doesn’t feature gear doors

11. A Boeing 737 takes off or lands every 5.5 seconds somewhere in the world.

12. Newest versions of 737-800 have installed carbon brakes manufactured by Bugatti. The carbon brakes are more efficient and lighter than steel brakes. The total mass difference is about 700lb which leads to savings in fuel for about 0,5%.

13. Boeing 737-300 can be loaded and unloaded manually since it has low ground clearance.

14. Boeing 737-300 was the first aircraft in the world with CFM 56 Turbofan engines. Before Boeing 737, CFM factory hadn’t sold a single engine and it was close to abandoning its jet engine program. Turbofan engines are most common engines in modern commercial aviation since they have high bypass ratio and they burn a lot less fuel than a regular jet engine.

15. Boeing 737 was one of the main reasons why the Boeing Corporation built the largest factory in the world (Guinness record as the largest building in the world with a volume of 472 million cubic feet).