Leaked Photos of a Flight Attendant Giving Oral Sex to a Passenger Go Viral

Caught Photos of Liu Riu Qi from Shenzhen AIrlines

A flight attendant in the Shenzhen Airlines has added a deeper meaning to the phrase “service with a smile” that is common in the airline industry. It is true that cabin crew is trained to make the passengers in the plane comfortable but according to many internet users, this went too far and became too comfortable.

This all started when a lewd photo of the Chinese female cabin attendant offering oral sex to a male passenger hit the internet again and went viral on the weibo social media platform.


 As reported by buzzy.ph, Liu Riu Qi is the name of the flight attendant. A simple online search shows that this stewardess is rampant in the Chinese social media platforms with different selfies and some more explicit personal photographs being shared online.

This particular photo which appears to be taken from the aisle inside a passenger aircraft got many internet users in shock and shame and many have been vocal in condemning the act which has sparked a heated discussion on different social media platforms.

Shenzhen Airlines does not go dent free as its name and logo have been in the center of the heated discussion with most of the internet users warning the rest that “You better not fly with Shenzhen Airline.”

For the Chinese airline, this incident is not the first one to make it hit the internet headlines. The company has the distinction of having one of its cabin crew named the most beautiful flight attendant in the world and now for its extra in-flight services. It was in a beauty competition held on June 2016 in Shenzhen city, South China’s Guangdong province where Liu Miaomiao, a Shenzhen Airlines’ stewardess, was named the world’s most beautiful stewardess.

Now the airline is famous not only for its most beautiful flight attendant but also for the extra service offered to the passengers.