Hotel Costa Verde offers a unique experience to visitors. A vintage 1965 Boeing 727, previously used by South African Airlines and Colombia’s Avianca Airlines has been refurbished and fully kitted out as a luxury 2 bedroom hotel suite. The frame of the aircraft is raised 50 feet, giving the feeling of being in the air. The entire plane interior is remodeled using teak paneling and includes hand-carved teak furniture.

The rooms are fully air-conditioned, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable. One room contains 2 queen-sized beds and the other one queen size bed. Each room has a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette and it’s own private bathroom. The terrace offers a view of the ocean and a panoramic view of the surrounding gardens. Guests are treated to birdsong as well as sightings of the elusive toucan. Various monkeys such as sloths are often spotted amongst the treetops