A flight from LA to Taiwan saw an off duty policewoman carry her gun onboard the plane, in her hand luggage! The gun was not picked up during any of the security screenings at LAX. The woman, Noell Grant realized she was carrying her weapon with her when she changed planes in Taipei.  Taiwan has barred the woman from leaving the country until the matter has been resolved.

Nico Melendez, US Transport Security Administration has admitted that in this case the standard procedures had not been followed. Follow-ups will be done by Federal officers to determine how the woman was able to pass through the checkpoints while carrying a personal firearm.

Officer Grant, a member of the Santa Monica Police Department was traveling to Taiwan for a family vacation. She discovered that she had her personal firearm and six bullets in her handbag when she arrived at Taoyuan Airport in Taipei. She was not arrested but has been told she may not leave the country until such time as the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the Taiwanese authorities.

Noell Grant may have to face charges on her return to the US, but there is no confirmation on that issue at this point.


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