A Mexican man was returning from Mexico after a visit to his family, along with his light skinned daughter. The child’s mother is of Irish descent and the child combines features from both parents. An inebriated passenger made a comment that the child did not look like her parent and accused the man of trafficking his daughter. When the plane arrived at Newark Airport, the plane was boarded by officers from the Border Patrol and Port authorities who escorted the man and his three year old daughter off the plane.

The two were surrounded by officials firing questions at the man, causing the child to wake up and start crying. Fortunately, the Mexican dad was able to provide the phone number of his wife who was called to verify the truth of the child’s parentage. The mother was advised that they had received a complaint from a passenger on the plane and were following protocols demanded by an apparent trafficking incident. There was apparently no protocol in place to verify the accuser’s state of mind prior to causing trauma to an innocent family.


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