CSIRO  scientists are convinced that the missing MH370 Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER will be found North of the search area. Using an actual flaperon instead of replicas, they discovered that the calculations were about 20 degrees off. This now makes more sense of the wreckage recovered off the coast of Reunion. The new area is outside of the 120 000 square kilometers that were primarily searched in the 3 years since the flight went missing.

In March 2014, Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went off aviation radars. In the 3 years since extensive searches have brought forth only minor wreckage of the missing plane.  The families of the 239 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft were to finance further searching when it was announced that the search would be called off earlier this year. Malaysia, China, and Australia officials agreed that the search would only be re-opened in the face of new intelligence surrounding the possible location of the plane. CSIRO has provided Malaysia officials with the new findings but so far no new plans to extend the search have been announced. Australia and China would become involved only once the lead investigation team from Malaysia continued their investigations.

The search has cost around $180 million so far to search the 120000 square kilometers of the ocean bed. The new information would require a search of around 25000 square kilometers outside of the previous search area. The area known as the Seventh Arc was only partially searched in 2014 before efforts were redirected further South.


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