Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Airways got an unwelcome surprise while speaking in front of hundreds of people at a conference this past Tuesday.  Mr. Joyce was addressing a number of people as the keynote speaker at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth, as a leadership conference. An unnamed man dressed in a suit came up behind Mr. Joyce and shoved a pie in his face.

Security at the venue held the man in a room for police to take in for questioning.  No information has been released as to why he decided to pie the Qantas chief. Mr. Joyce left the stage to clean up after the incident but returned to give his speech to the assembled event attendees.

Mr. Joyce told media that he has been CEO of Qantas for 9 years and the unexpected tends to happen more often than you would expect, so he has learned to go with the flow. He stated that many things have happened to him over the years and although the pie incident was something different, it was not unusual. Mr. Joyce stayed composed throughout the incident and even managed to crack a joke about needing a dry cleaner in Perth when talking to the media after the event.


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