So you want to be a pilot?

I remember wanting to be a pilot when I was only 6 years old, I wish we had the resources such as those offered by Flightdeck Consulting. Flightdeck Consulting offers pilots and potential pilots information on pilot recruitment, interview coaching and preparation, psychometric testing, airline specific interview information, group activities and even simulator preparation.

 Founded by former Cathay Pacific pilots in 2006, Flightdeck Consulting was developed with the aim of assisting future pilots in improving their careers or just getting started in the job market after receiving their necessary qualifications.  The company offers interview preparation books, preparation software as well as one on one coaching, to assist pilots with finding work with the current airlines.  Flightdeck also recruits pilots on behalf of some of the world’s best known carriers.

 Current and future aviators can learn a lot from people that have been in the business of flying for many years. From the basics to the more intense knowledge needed in the interview process, this company is geared to help you succeed in finding a good position, suited to your skills and experience.

 Airline interviews are generally made up of 2 parts, the one being behavioural and the other a technical side. Preparing for the two part interviews for a job in the aviation industry, takes a different approach for each part.  Behavioural questions often relate to hypothetical situations as well as asking of your approach to certain situations, which often needs quick thought and a concise response. Flightdeck Consulting offers a number of products to pilots to assist with breezing through these types of behavioural questions during the interview process, including an online course, interview workbook as well as one on one coaching. This will teach you how to best prepare for this part of the interview, so that you come across as confident and self assured. Flightdeck Consulting also offers simulator assessment training to better help you prepare for an airline interview.

 The pilot aptitude test software supplied by Flightdeck Consulting assists groups and individual pilots to prepare for airline assessments and aptitude tests. The intensive interview package will help any new pilot or even a pilot that needs a refresher on how to handle interviews to prepare for an interview at the last minute and still handle the process well.  You can even take Flightdeck up on their Refresher Course if you have previously completed One on One Coaching and just need a quick one and a half hour refresher to check your interview skills.

 Whether you are looking for work with Emirates Airlines, the Airforce or any other airline, Flightdeck Consulting offers interview packages that will help you prepare so that you ace the interview and get the job you want. From personal coaching to step by step guides on what to expect as well as mock interviews to help you prepare, there are a number of packages to choose from, so a pilot of any level, upgrading or starting a career or looking for another position for any other reason, can feel confident and well prepared for airline interviews.

 Sasha Robinson, the Director and Principle Interview Consultant at Flightdeck Consulting, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Newcastle University and as a former International Airline Pilot, she has over 7000 hours flying Airbus A330 and A340. She is a qualified simulator instructor and also gives lectures at the Aviation Department of  the University of New South Wales. She has worked in recruitment for a major international airline and has also assisted military pilots in transitioning into civil aviation.

 Jason Robinson, Director of Aircrew Contracts, has been an aviator for more than 19 years for Virgin Australia and Cathay Pacific and has flown E190, B747-400 and B777s all across the globe. Jason is co-author of the pilot interview workbook and specialises in resource solutions and product development.

 The services offered by Flightdeck Consulting have been painstakingly put together by people that know the industry well and have worked in the industry as well as been involved in the opposite side of the process as recruiters.  As an airline pilot looking to change positions or land your first aviation job, choose Flightdeck Consulting to help you through the essential interview process so that your bid is successful and you are confident in your ability to do well in your interview.