It has been suggested that a expedited screening of a South West pilot may have allowed him to carry a loaded handgun onto the plane he was flying on Sunday.

The gun was spotted the following day when the bag it was in was X-rayed when he was set to fly from Albany to Chicago.
On discovering the weapon, a .380 – caliber handgun TSA alerted the Albany County sheriffs with a silent alarm who then arrested 55 year old Erik Gibson of New Orleans.
Gibson was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, which is a misdemeanor.
Stupidity was unfortunately not one of the charges.

Firearms and ammunition are not permitted in carry-on bags, but they can be transported in checked bags if they are unloaded, correctly packed and declared to the airline.
Travelers ( that includes you Erik) who bring firearms to a TSA screening point are subject to criminal charges and civil penalties from the TSA of up to $12.000.
It was the second gun found by Albany baggage screeners in four weeks
He was released after posting a $200 bail.

The incident caused a 4-hour delay for the flight from Albany to Chicago.


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