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Specific Flying Anarchy Rules

Updated November 2016 by The Captain 

The Commandments of Flying Anarchy 

Breaking these rules can lead to anything from a warning with no other consequences, a ban from a single thread, a single board or a temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

If you are not sure of a rule, please ask.

These rules are very flexible… in our favour. Don’t invent new and interesting ways to get around them. If we think you are messing with the site, its users, their threads or moderators your account will be banned or suspended.

The flight deck 

We like to keep it a bit more straight-laced on the main flying anarchy board so everyone can have a go. Trolling and flame-baiting is treated less kindly by mods on this board.

The Crew room 

This board is for general trolling and good-natured banter with other aviation enthusiasts.Enjoy yourself but you can still get pulled up if you go over the top. Lots of memes and local etiquette to get your head around. Don’t take anything seriously.

  1. Don’t be a pest.
    • Remember these are real people you are talking to. Don’t bait or provoke negative responses.
    • Likewise, don’t feed trolls. Report posts instead of taking the bait.
    • Don’t create new sock-puppet user accounts just to back yourself up in an argument or bully other people.
    • Publicly complaining about, ranting over and criticising moderators and their actions is not accepted. Take it up with the moderator privately, then with Admins if you still have a problem.
    • Insults like retard, mong and spastic are particularly repugnant to many moderators.
  2. Don’t be a spammer.
    • Posts with the sole aim of directing traffic to other sites are not allowed, whether commercial or non-commercial.
    • This includes drumming up readers for your own blog or other online content – post the full content of your own stuff with a link, and only in a relevant thread.
    • Our general test is to ask whether the user is here to partake in the community, which is good, or to get traffic for their own site or product, which is bad.
    • If in doubt.Ask.
  3. Don’t be a stalker.
    • This includes tracking down and posting Facebook images, names, addresses and so on.
    • Exceptions will include information for contacting firms, government departments and politicians through their publicly listed details.
  4. No illegal content; respect copyright owners.
    • No hacks, torrents, file swapping, or requesting of same from us or other users.
    • No illegal match video or audio streams, or requesting of same from us or other users.
    • Articles from other sites should be limited to a relevant paragraph or two and a link to the source.
    • No drug use talk or similar. You might get away with contextual mentions or relevant discussion but otherwise leave it out.
  5. No sexually suggestive content, swearing, bikini and lingerie images, racist material, gore and injuries etc.
    • We have readers from all walks of life, accessing the site from home and work. Be considerate.
    • We also have advertisers who apply rules about where their ads can be displayed.
  6. Don’t break the site or do anything that interferes with normal use of the site.
    • Using scripts or bots to scrape content or hammer our database, like posts and so on is forbidden.
    • Don’t manipulate or beg for likes to get your post on the home page.
  7. Don’t be a whinger.
    • If you get a warning or a suspension don’t fly off the handle. You’ll only get yourself in deeper.
    • Make your case clearly and respectfully and you might be heard. Chuck a tanty and you might get the flick.
    • Creating new user accounts to get around bans or restrictions WILL increase your suspension or get you booted off the site.
  8. Keep in mind rules in regards to your avatars.signatures are hard limited to a max of four lines.