Top 10 Apps for Pilots in 2019

New apps come on the market regularly, and many are specifically aimed at aviation and pilots. Many of these applications can be useful before and during a flight, some even while planning your flight.

As a seasoned pilot, you might have your favorites, but there is always room for upgrades. As an amateur pilot or app user, here are a few that could be invaluable.


This app could save lives. Xavion is designed to plot your fly course to the safest runway nearby, which may not always be the closest. This app also takes your plane’s glide characteristics into account, and in the case of engine failure, can help you find a safe landing. Xavion also shows the terrain with exceptional clarity, so you know what is around you at all times.

Backup your major instruments to iPad so that if any of the primary devices fail, you can use Xavion and continue the flight safely. An external GPS linked to Xavion could see the readings being just about as good as your instrument panel. Xavion can estimate fuel burn at different altitudes as well as provide you with an ETA. You can also choose a point to point navigation for extra information such as easy to fly hoops to reach your desired altitude. When safety is your priority, this app is a must have.

FltPlan Go

This powerful iPad application can be used offline or in-flight. The app offers mapping and route features including moving maps with sectionals and on route charts. The app also provides weather, NavLogs, Flight Tracking, Aircraft checklists, Geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams.

This app goes so far as to check fuel prices along the route to save a dollar to two. With too many features to mention, this app is essential for filing your flight plans.

LogTen Pro X

This pilot logbook app uses the latest OS and Apple Hardware and is designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Choose from various configurations or use a custom configuration to select the fields you want. Matching this app to your paper logbook is a good way to work. Check your currencies, limits, flight and rest periods with a click.

With LogTen Pro you can track almost anything, and also allows you to share the log of your flights quickly and easily with other users. You can import your schedule if you are a commercial pilot with just a few clicks, and sync to your iPad or iPhone for easy access anywhere.

The app also features many built-in reports as well as allowing you to customise your reports which you can share via email, or print if required. The flight logs are simple and easy to use, and backups are simple to ensure you never lose your logbook information.


LiveATC focusses on streaming audio feeds between pilots and ATCs at more than 500 airports around the world. You can search for airports by country or by name to listen in on the one that interests you. This app also allows you to view a current weather radar map for US Airports.

Flight Aware Global Tracking

Flight aware receives data from many different sources to track flights to and from many countries around the world. Up to the minute, ATC data and radar data allows for real-time tracking of planes to and from 40 plus countries as well as over the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Ground station receivers independently capture aircraft positions every few seconds. Satellite datalink equipment can be integrated into Flight Aware for global tracking. This system can send out flight alerts, delays, route changes, arrivals and more. Keep track of planes, wherever they may be, using this exciting program.

Cloud Ahoy

This is a fully comprehensive debriefing program that offers a number of different features. These features can be used in various formats for training, improving flights and approaches, as well as debriefing your flights anywhere in the world. The debrief is Cloud based and can be accessed via a web service.

Cloud Ahoy allows you an objective look at your flights using various data gathered and standards relating to the aircraft etc. This helps you learn and become a better pilot or share your piloting skills with others. The interface allows for clear, easy and detailed analysis of the flight, taking into account traffic patterns, thermalling, chandelles, steep turns, missed approaches and more.

WingX Pro

This versatile app has a built-in help system to get you started. File flight plans, check weather and winds, and allows for detailed route planning. Flight logs show ETE, GS, headings and fuel burn. You can draw on the approach chart with your finger and print it wirelessly.

Terrain and obstacle overlays including a passive Radar altimeter. GPS Enabled moving maps, Ground proximity warning system and “Smart Taxi.” This app incorporates too many features to name. With continuous upgrades and updates, this app is full of useful information.

Garmin Pilot

Mapping and weather information is easily accessible with the app. You can also use this app to file, cancel and amend your flight plans, navigate and generate an automatic logbook entry. You can also choose from preferred routes if you fly within the US, to ensure automatic approval of your flight plan. This app also improves situational awareness using “Smart Airspace” to identify the airspace surrounding the plane. With a wealth of features, this is a must have app for pilots.


Offering a digital checklist for preflight as well as a logbook, you should be covered from start to finish. With detailed, de-cluttered charts, weather information, airport information, flight logging and document handling, this app has it all. You even have access to synthetic vision allowing you to see terrain fast and precisely.

The hazard advisor lights up obstacles and possible hazards and auto-updates based on altitude and position from the GPS reading. Fully comprehensive planning available, including some easy to use templates of over 100 aircraft. Route and Altitude advisors offer routes flown previously and account for wind strength and direction to reduce flight time and fuel burn. This all in one package is a well-known app among pilots.

MyRadar (Weather Radar)

Accurate weather is crucial when flying. This handy app has an easy to use layout, which allows you to look at weather along your entire route. This app is designed around the US and allows weather checks across the US states only. For an easy to use weather application that offers realistic predictions, MyRadar is the one to choose.

Flying takes a lot of skill, and everyone can learn and improve. These handy apps assist in planning, posting flight plans, flying economically and on recommended routes and arriving safely. Debriefing also helps with learning and sharing of information across various platforms. Try one or try them all, these apps are sure to make flying a lot easier and safer.