Huge website of news, information and large collection of Aviation Photos

Interested in Aviation photos then you can’t go past this site. Millions of photo from Aviation enthusiasts from around the world.

Prune which is short for “Professional Pilot Rumour Network” is a large forum. Excellent source of information. The most active board is Rumours & News which will give you the latest inside knowledge of what’s happening in the world of Aviation. However, be warned if you post. Not for the faint hearted.

Thirty Thousand Feet

Whatever you are looking for this website most probably has it. Not only does it have its own content it has links to thousands of other aviation web pages.

A quick search of Reddit will give you an array of aviation topics. You can also post your own questions.

A team of writers who proudly call themselves Aviation geeks from around the world bring a passion and insight into the latest happenings that only someone who loves aviation can bring.

The forum arm of Airlinepilotcentral with 70,000 odd members. Very active in North America with daily posts. Great starting point if you are looking for information on getting a job.

Large collection of aircraft from plane spotters around the globe.

As the title says LIVE LOVE AVIATION. These unashamed aviation geeks bring interesting stories to their readers on a daily basis.

A site run by current professional pilots giving tips and advice on starting a career as a pilot. Most helpful for North American would be pilots.

A slick Online version of Flying. Subscription required for some content.

Provides the aviation industry comprehensive news, data, and insight.

Ask the Pilot

Blog about commercial air travel issues

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Ranks as one of the leading Aviation websites. Products include International news focused on the business sector, air transport, defense and the unmanned vehicles. Subscription required to access all of their content.

Sign up and get access to the latest news and interesting articles covering all sectors of aviation via a free daily compilation from across the Aviation Week Network

Not what the name suggests. This website understands airlines and via an opinion, blog delivers thoughtful and interesting discussion. Excellent interviews of leading airline CEO’s in “Across the Aisle Interviews”  section.

Specializes in breaking news, insightful commentary and awesome photography. As per their mission statement this site aims to entertain and educate the world on all matters pertaining to aviation.

Any aviation lover should visit this site. Listen to live air traffic control. Links to all the major frequencies around the world. The archived LiveATC recordings is a great place to start to listen to some very interesting exchanges. Next time you are on the radio it’s worth remembering that someone else is probably listening to you and hoping to make you the next big viral hit


Aviation education and resources


Aircraft owners and pilots association.

Flight tracker with real-time data about 1000’s of airplanes

Largest flight tracking company

Garmin Aviation Blog

Industry news, product information and using navigation in flight.

Jet Whine

History, aviation milestones and new innovations in the aviation industry

Flights from Hell

Blog about the anxieties and adventures of air travel.

One mile at a time

Blog with tips and tricks for travel.

Airline Pilot Chatter

Commercial aviation stories

Jet Head

Blog by a Pilot detailing his take on current stories

The Aviationist

A blog that shares military aviation news


A mile of runway

Small plane flights stories and pictures

Cockpit Conversation

Humorous stories from an aviatrix.

Flight to Success

Female commercial pilot details her journey

Global Air

Industry experts share news and advice

Taking Wing

Blog by a young pilot, detailing his journey to becoming a commercial pilot


Information and developments in private piloting fields

Aviation CV

News and job posts in the aviation industry

Land and Hold Short

Thoughts and opinions from a small plane pilot

Bangalore Aviation

News from around the world related to airlines and airports

The House of Rapp

Stories from Ron Rapp, pilot of more than 60 types of planes


Reviews, stories, and commentary on the airline industry

Captain’s Log – Africa

A bush pilot tells of his travels

Universal Weather

Written by pilots for pilots.

Fighter Sweep

Military pilot blog and commentary regarding fighter planes

Trends Aloft

Aviation professional discusses trends and happenings in aviation

The Pixie Pilot

Female pilot and airline insurance agent shares her love of flying

Dave’s Flying Blog

Ex commercial pilot tells about his small plane adventures

Gary’s Flight Journal

An instrument rated pilot shares his stories and travels

Flight Info

Aviation information forum

Live from the Flight Deck

Stories and pictures from a commercial pilot

Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings

New Zealand private pilot shares pics of planes

Aviator Website

Product reviews, classifieds, bulletin board related to aviation

Find Aircraft

Aircraft for sale


Aviation weather and airport information

National Aeronautic Association (USA)

NAA USA Blogs and information

FAA handbooks

FAA Manuals and information

FAA Safety

Safety information and tools


Flight plan website


Another flight plan website

NOAA Aviation Weather

Aviation weather site


NOTAM retrieval

NTSB Accident Investigations

Accident investigations and reports

Aviation Safety Reports

This is where you file reports if you did something you shouldn’t have when flying

Airline Pilot Central

Jobs and salary information


Sharing the fascination and inspiration of flying in it’s most exciting and beautiful facets

Will fly for food

Discusses interview questions of all the major airlines

Aviation Careers Podcast

Discusses various careers in aviation besides piloting

Air Facts Journal

Aviation articles and blog posts

Bold Method

Short ‘how to’articles, videos and more

IFR Refresher

A pilot magazine

Satellite Weather (US)

Real-time weather – US Only


Survival equipment and techniques. (Might be handy if you land where you shouldn’t)

Plane Talking

Aviation news in the ÚK and internationally


The International Civil Aviation Organization is a UN specialized agency, created to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention). If you ever can’t sleep at night you can’t go past this website. Sure to cure jet lag. 


International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association

Just Planes

For the aviation geek

I Fly

Six pilots share stories, information, training and safety experiences

Just about flying

Military and commercial pilot of 35 years shares his expertise

Photographic Lookbook

Pictures, advice, and stories

110 Knots

Pilots from all over the world share stories, news, and experiences

All things aviation

Covers many aviation topics

The Rogue Aviator

Maverick pilot shares his views and experience

Around the Pattern

Pilot with 10000+ hours shares what he has learned

Wayman Flight School

Answers questions and offers insights to prospective pilots

Air Facts

Blogs about planes and safety issues

Learn to Fly

Flying tips for new and experienced pilots

Pilot Man

Interviews with pilots, tips, and tricks

Phoenix East Aviation

Advice to aspiring pilots including training and career advice

iFlight Planner Blog

Discussions on FAA rule changes, regulations, and flying logistics

Flight Coach

News, commentary and flying tips for a comfortable flight

A frequent flier’s views on flying & the aviation world

If aviation is part of your life then Love Air is your pilot and flight attendant dating site.  For the pilots, aircrew, private aviators, airline staff, air traffic controllers, and anyone who enjoys the sites and sounds of the world of aviation.

Established since 1997, is a free online job board exclusively focused on aviation and aerospace employment opportunities. 

The Airline Academy

The Airline Academy, based Daytona Beach Florida has programs for both pilots, flight attendants, and aircraft dispatch training.It is recognized as one of the leading aviation training facilities which also has a distance learning curriculum to minimize time away from home. The training facility has taught students in 63 different countries.


Aviation Explorer – An extensive website covering airplane facts, aerospace data, aircraft specifications, airline information, airport references and much more.

Crew Links

A handy website with a lot of useful links in the U.S including weather and notams. This is a go-to website for anyone looking for hard to find information. 

Aviation Classifieds

Aviation Classifieds is the premier online aircraft for sale marketplace on the internet. Search and find helicopters and airplanes for sale, lease or trade with our free aircraft search database. Search by Location, Aircraft Make/Model, Aircraft Offer, Aircraft Type or Aircraft Use


A department of the NTSB is The Office of Aviation Safety. It has the responsibility for investigating domestic aviation accidents and incidents (about 1,750 annually). The office also works to formulate recommendations to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and incidents and other ways to improve safety.

Pilot Pointer

A website listing useful aviation links with a large number of pilot jobs from most recruitment agencies.

A Central database of the jobs on offer from around the world. Great search function which enables you to narrow your search to your specific requirements and qualifications.


A great source of information and can answer everything you need in the pilots portal. There you will find information on certification, training, regulations, and other aspects of flying. You can also look up aircraft information, re-register your plane, and do other tasks.

The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airways. Their aim is to work with the industry to enhance safety and efficient flight.