Top tips to surviving a plane crash

Whilst the odds of this happening is 1 in 1.2 million flights, it may happen to you so its good to be prepared and know how you can make a difference.

  • Know the location of your nearest exit. Its a great idea to count the number of rows from your seat to the exit as visibility can be reduced in a smoke filled cabin. Why not save yourself some time and request and exit row seat.
  • Know the brace position specific to your seat/cabin. No point in trying to hold onto the seat in front if you’ve splashed out on a business class seat.
  • Do not take any cabin baggage with you. If you were competing in a 100m sprint for your life, you certainly wouldn’t take your handbag along.
  • In the event there is smoke, use your clothing as a face mask. Smoke is the killer, not the fire.
  • Listen to the cabin crew. They are trained to identify the quickest and safest exit out of there. No prizes for making it first to an exit when there is fire on the other side. Keep in mind though, if cabin crew are injured, you will need to make this call for yourself so look outside before choosing a door.